Survivor Solidarity Month – Community Responsibility & Care

Hi Everyone! April is Survivor Solidarity Month and we have partnered with a lot of amazing folks on campus and in the community to bring you a month filled of events. Our theme this year is “Community Responsibility & Care”. Throughout this month, we will provide opportunities to engage in conversations about sexual violence prevention, intervention, … Read more

Know Your Title IX – Rights & Resources

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[ID: white text on pink, purple, orange, and teal abstract colored background. text written out below.] Know your rights, resources, and options in navigating support both on and off campus under Title IX. What is Title IX? A federal law passed in 1972 challenging gender-based discrimination in an education program or activity. It applies to … Read more

SHAPE Office Hours over Winter Break (2021-2022)

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[ID: white text on background with dark blue sky and snowy landscape, with small image of brown and white house in the background. text reads the SHAPE Office is closed December 18th – January 3rd we hope everyone has a restful break until then :)]   Hey Everyone! The SHAPE Office will be closed December … Read more

Survivor Solidarity Month Interest Meetings!

[ID: text written out below appears in blue, orange, and pink speech bubbles, with lines of emphasis framing two speech bubbles]⁠ SURVIVOR SOLIDARITY MONTH ⁠ ⁠ Looking to engage in conversations on intimate violence prevention?⁠ ⁠ Interested in resources on supporting survivors on campus?⁠ ⁠ Want to share some of your skills on these topics?⁠ … Read more

Reflections from a Survivor – Advocate: Restorative and Transformative Justice as tools for Sexual Violence Prevention & Healing-Centered Activism

Hi Everyone, As a follow-up to the all-campus email that went out in response to recent YikYak posts, I wanted to share some of my own personal thoughts, to add to the conversation. I have worked in the field of sexual violence prevention and advocacy for over a decade now, and I’ve learned a lot … Read more

Dating Violence Awareness Month 2021

Hi Everyone, The SHAPE Office is collaborating with folks on campus and in the community to bring you a series of events throughout the month of October, to raise awareness about dating violence in our community and beyond. Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@wesshapeoffice), or check out our blog to stay up to … Read more

Know Before You Go: Supportive Resources for Survivors

Below please find videos of different campus and community office representatives, sharing information about the resources for care and support they offer survivors. We are here for you and a part of your community of care, even as we transition into distanced-learning for the remainder of the semester! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, … Read more